Meet the team.

You don't just hire an ad agency, you hire the people that make up the ad agency. The Omni Team is a group of skilled advertising professionals who have worked and been trained in the automotive retail business. We spend time in your stores to understand and propel your business forward.

Ken Hudson


Whether he puts on the CEO, Dad, or Car Dealer hat, Ken’s passion and positive energy can’t be matched and they are one and the same. Ken Hudson doesn’t come across as the CEO of an ad agency. He doesn’t come across as a man who’s been in the car business for years. He’s a compilation of passion, uniqueness, positivity and risk taker. With a big personality and even bigger smile, Ken commands the hallways of Omni and most rooms he walks in.

Ken doesn’t just love music, it gives him energy while moving his soul day in and day out. Creativity isn’t just a department in his agency for him, Ken appreciates all forms of it while at the same time infusing his life and business with it. Whether he’s enjoying date night with his wife, or melting faces with an amazing Van Halen air guitar solo, you’ll never see Ken with a scowl on his face. Positivity radiates from Ken, which helps him motivate his team to become a better, stronger and faster agency.

Nick Grosso

Digital Director

What happens when you cross an adrenaline junkie who loves playing sports with someone who also prefers to be eating and sleeping all the time? You get Nick Grosso. His personality profile accurately describes him as a careful decision maker, but you certainly wouldn’t think so based on his adventurous lifestyle. From surfing in hurricanes to jumping out of airplanes, there’s no thrill that Nick isn’t up for.

Gail Yaciuk

General Manager

With an infectious laugh and a Rick Springfield song in her head, Gail Yaciuk is one of the many reasons why people love working at Omni. When she’s not managing several clients at once, she’s at home with her two sons and her husband enjoying movie night on the couch. As a loyal, candid team builder, Gail loves to organize work parties that continue to get better and better every year.

Iris Zayas

Media Director

If she’s not out crushing it at black jack or perusing, like a pro, for that perfect shoe to add to her collection, Iris Zayas would be hanging at home with her daughter Sofia. Whether she’s watching HGTV, or making last minute miracles happen in her life, her outlook on life is filled with laughter, fun and enjoying the moments that matter.

Tony Estus

Senior Account Director

When commuting to and from work, Tony Estus never turns his brain off. He’s too busy improving his by listening to over 500 audio books. When he’s not at work, he’s exercising not just his mind, but his body by hitting the gym. When it comes to relaxing, Tony is busy catching the latest super hero flick, taking guitar lessons or being the best grandfather he can be.

Jim Zabel

Field Manager

By day, Jim Zabel is a mild-mannered family man who loves spending time with his wife and three girls. By night, Jim will grab the microphone and rock out karaoke with his best Neil Diamond song to back him up. On the weekends, you can find him grilling out, enjoying a relaxing game of golf or cheering on his daughters as they play their best in soccer.

Lori Stille

Creative Director

What do you get when you combine a creative vegetarian chef, an avid 5k runner and the most detailed party planner? Lori Stille. A very proud mother of two, Lori is always buttoned up and performs an impressive balancing act of handling parental duties while also handling any and all issues as creative director. An avid recaller of any song lyric she’s ever heard, Lori keeps her family and friends entertained as she hosts her guests for get-togethers.

Minda Katz


If Minda Katz could be doing anything outside of her current profession, you’d find her as an interior designer; having spent the last 10 years redecorating her house. Minda finds her reprieve from the demands of her job by enjoying retail therapy at Bloomingdales, a night out on the town, but more importantly, her three kids and her grandchildren. There’s nothing better to Minda than hearing herself called, “Mimi” over Facetime.

Daniel Upbin

Art Director

When not at the office art directing, leading his team or taking care of the building Omni is housed, Dan is using his directing skills at home to prepare delicious meals for his family. Meal prep doesn’t always start in the kitchen for Dan; as an avid barbeque master, his smoked meats are up there with the greatest chefs. After a solid meal, Dan enjoys spending time with his family and neighbors and when he’s got some quiet time, Dan puts his art talents towards painting, gardening and even interior decorating; he can do it all.