Interview With Ken Hudson On Advertising During COVID-19

by Omni | Tuesday May 26th 2020

Even during uncertain times, Omni Advertising has been able to help its clients maintain their business and provide direction on how to move forward. CEO Ken Hudson was interviewed by the South Florida Business Journal to share some industry insight on how to evolve for success during a global crisis. Read the full article below.

Inside the List: The do's and don’ts of advertising during a pandemic

By Jessica Bryant  – Data Reporter, South Florida Business Journal
May 22, 2020, 6:40am EDT

There’s a right and a wrong way to reach out to consumers during times of crisis.

Though it may seem simple enough, businesses can easily land themselves in trouble over insensitive ads that don’t resonate with their audience during hard times. The Business Journal reached out to local industry executives who shared their top do's and don’ts of advertising amid a pandemic.

Do: Understand your market and tailor your message accordingly.

“This has been the most important point that I've driven home to my clients,” Omni Advertising CEO Ken Hudson said. “The only way to know what will resonate with your customers is to know the tone of your city/county/state. How is the media portraying the news in your area? How are people responding? Then make sure you are tailoring your message in the same fashion.”

Your strategy and message should, above all else, be reflective of the current state of your market, he said, as you need to be able to offer consumers the product or service they need most right now.

Don’t: Discount social chatter.

Ken Hudson “Memes and online conversations poking fun at how advertisers are handling this situation are actually good insights,” Hudson said. “This feedback could help you understand how you need to word your message or approach your strategy.”

Do: Highlight your selling propositions.

“Brands that are connecting with people about their value proposition are the ones that will succeed and get through this,” said Jordan Zimmerman, founder and chairman of Zimmerman Advertising. “You have to show your audience what makes you stand out [from competitors] and why they should come to you before anyone else.”

Hudson agrees, stating that businesses that haven’t been promoting their unique selling propositions or haven’t revisited them in a while should use this time to do so.

Don’t: Take advantage of the situation as a way to monetize.

“What people don’t like during a time like this – whether that means a hurricane, pandemic or any other natural disaster – is when businesses play off that crisis as a means to monetize,” Zimmerman said. “It’s always upsetting [for consumers] to see because it’s like these businesses are taking something out of a bad situation.”

Instead, Zimmerman recommends to take a step back and think of meaningful ways to connect with your audience. Heartfelt offers and showing a genuine understanding of how hard times can affect your consumers is crucial.

Do: Look to the future. Don’t: Revert to old ways.

According to both Hudson and Zimmerman, right now is a key time to implement strategies that will work in the long term and plan for post-Covid-19 changes to the business. This won’t last forever, but the landscape will change, and businesses have to be ready to change with it. Attempting to go back to business as usual will not work.