Official Case Study: Dynamic Inventory + VDP Retargeting

by Omni | Friday January 17th 2020

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Facebook Marketing Partner Omni Advertising has released an official case study in collaboration with Facebook’s internal data team. The report showcases the success of Omni’s dynamic inventory + VDP retargeting campaigns by using Facebook’s Offline Conversions tool.

Boca Raton, FL – January 17, 2020 – By offering a robust ad platform, Facebook and Instagram advertising has emerged as effective marketing strategies for auto dealers. Omni Advertising has taken full advantage of this opportunity with a diverse mix of targeting strategies and utilizing dynamic inventory technology.

In this official case study published by Facebook, we’ll show you how we were able to attribute 28 cars sold resulting in a 9.4X return on investment from these dynamic social media ads.

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Facebook offline conversions gives us the ability to leverage offline sales data—such as in-store purchases—to help power our digital campaign strategies. By connecting the dealer’s CRM to the ad platform, the system will track offline events that aren't captured by the Facebook Pixel or SDK. This shows us how many shoppers that were exposed to our ads ended up coming into the dealership and purchasing a vehicle, even if they did not submit a lead.

Learn more about this process and how we’re able to leverage technology to ensure your dealership’s campaigns are effective and efficient as possible.

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