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Electric Vehicles Take Charge


It finally came. That day every advertiser looks forward to. A day where viewers actually fast forward through the football game to get to the commercials. Well, they probably aren’t going to speed through every touch down, but you get the idea.

Every advertising professional dreams of the day they finally get to work on one. Yes! We’re talking about the much-coveted Big Game Commercial. After almost 2 years of an entire nation streaming nothing but films and shows due to stay-at-home mandates, the year 2022 had quite the feat in gaining an audience’s attention.-

Although Los Angeles took home the trophy, there was no doubt that last night belonged to the Electric Vehicle. Here are the top three spots that stood out among the rest:


What first started out looking like a new phone commercial quickly took a sharp turn as it used lines to take jabs at the more popular electric vehicle brand with lines “No Conquering Mars” and “No Hidden Agenda.” Polestar made an introduction to the world without celebrities, CG babies, and compromises.


You can’t go wrong with prosthetics and a time-traveling Jason Bateman. Hyundai promoted its incredibly stylish IONIQ 5 with plenty of humor and pizazz during their Big Game “History or Evolution” commercial.


Last but not least Kia did a great job at pulling at our heartstrings by introducing their electric puppy, Robo Dog, during their EV6 Big Game Commercial. Who else’s heart skipped a beat when the pup lost his charge?