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The South Florida Hispanic Demographic is not a “one size fits all” audience.

Everybody knows South Florida has a huge Hispanic population. However, the key is understanding all nationalities and cultures that comprise our regional audience. Many advertisers would clump the entire Hispanic population as one demographic, but we understand the differences each Hispanic nationality brings to the South Florida mix.

Omni developed a Hispanic campaign that transcends through all the unique traditions and backgrounds.

Cooking up Latin flavor in the South Florida market con la música!

Using Polk segment and market data we discovered our South Florida Honda client’s Hispanic share was not keeping pace with the general market. We utilized GfK data to understand the reasons why Hispanics were not considering Honda products as much as the competition.

We found the perception among Hispanics was Honda vehicles cost more than competitive vehicles such as Toyota and Nissan. Our solution was to find a way to connect with Hispanics that wasn’t only about the Honda value proposition but about the Hispanic culture.

We found a common thread through every segment of the South Florida Hispanic population: Music!
South Florida Market

We licensed Gente De Zona’s smash hit “La Gozadera,” a song that celebrates diversity and passion by emphasizing dance, music and heritage.

Mark Anthony

Turning up the volume with Latin flair!

This music helped define the campaign but we also knew we needed to deliver a call-to-action to convert awareness into consideration and traffic. We incorporated Omni’s retail messaging into the our TV, radio, and digital assets with low lease payments and competitive comparisons.

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We made an immediate connection with Hispanic consumers resulting in market share increase and they are outperforming their zone in Hispanic market share.

Delivering the results.

Since launching the Gozalo con Honda campaign, Honda has reconnected with Hispanics in South Florida in a powerful way.


Hispanic market share is up 1.2% over a 5 month period. The results speak for themselves and that is another client success story which is music to our ears!

Gozalo Con Honda Ad