Facebook Events are an exciting new way to use social media that will have an immediate impact on sales. Our team has a proven strategy that will turn leads into appointments and hand feed those to your sales team. With this completely turnkey solution, we sort through all the good and bad leads to set real appointments with buying customers, and then turn them over to you. Let us show you how it all works, and we'll take care of the rest. All you have to do is be ready when the customer walks through the door.


Full Service Appointment Setting

Our team will sort through all of the leads and chat messages to ensure quality appointments for your dealership. Your sales team will remain efficient by only following up with customers that are ready to buy.

Trackable ROI

With integration to almost any CRM, we can track leads, appointments and sales directly from these events. This is the most transparent way to show real results and measure true ROI.

Lead Generation

Facebook events are generating mass amounts of chat leads and comments from real customers. Since our team is filtering only the best quality leads to your CRM, your database will grow with new marketing opportunities as another added benefit on top of the appointments that are set.

CRM Integration

Connecting to the CRM is the best way to measure all aspects of the campaign. Our team works to set everything up easily with your support team and will customize the entire process to match your dealership’s current workflow.

Turnkey Solution

The entire process is made simple with our team handling all of the setup and lead qualification. Appointments and leads will be filtered to your salespeople so all they need to do is focus on selling.


Single Toyota Dealer Results from 2 Week Flight

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