Auto Retail Digital Marketing

Dealership Strength Online Cemented as Retail Cornerstone

Automotive retail continues to evolve; the past few years have seen significant growth in the importance of a more digital-first approach as more consumers search for a vehicle online. This shift in behavior has taken the battle to win customers from the sales floor to the Internet. A 2017 Google study shows that 95% of automotive customers begin looking for a new car online, with car buyers spending an average of 14 hours online searching for a vehicle. And this shift has become ever more significant. If a dealer wants to compete in sales, having a great website and a solid digital presence is imperative. 

Ordering Vehicles Grows in Popularity

When it comes to ordering vehicles, customers have fallen in love with the process, and manufacturers such as Ford and Subaru have made it possible for consumers to order a vehicle to their exact specifications and deliver it to the dealership. This has allowed consumers to get exactly what they want and have complete clarity on pricing, which is often a major concern during car buying. Tier 3 support for these orders and deliveries will weigh heavily on customer satisfaction. 

Mobile First and Always

Mobile and social media are the new kings of the automotive industry, with 60% of vehicle search inquiries originating from mobile devices. In contrast, the industry analysts at Oberlo state that as of August 2022, 53.74% of the total web visits are completed on a mobile device. Social media visits are also completed from mobile phones 83% of the time. You’re missing out if you’re not optimizing your website for mobile.

Digital Advertising Spend Continues to Increase

Looking to the future, the automotive industry is expected to increase spending on digital advertising, with most experts expecting an increase of 11.7% in 2023. Dealerships and other automotive-focused companies need a strategic plan to capture buyers at various stages in the car-buying process. Another trend is personalized video, which is becoming an effective way to engage with audiences and boost the customer experience right from the start.

Artificial intelligence can enhance marketing efforts by bringing in a level of personalization and customization that is nearly impossible without applying data learned by artificial intelligence.