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Hit More Home Runs with Appointment Setting: The Key to Driving Foot Traffic in Today’s Market

We hear it from dealers all the time: “Foot traffic is down.” And, yes, this may be a reality, but the thing is—customers aren’t just wandering onto your lot anymore. They’re shopping online, comparing options, and only visiting dealerships when they’re serious. That’s why appointment setting is the top weapon for getting more qualified buyers in the door.

The Everlasting Power of the “Ask”

The automotive industry is constantly evolving, but one thing remains constant: the power of inviting customers to take the next step. Even with all the fancy communication channels we have now – chat, text, email – proactively engaging with leads and guiding them towards scheduling an appointment is still the most effective way to increase sales.

Training: Your Team’s Batting Practice

Think of appointments as fastballs right down the middle of the plate. To hit those home runs (sales) with a high average, you need a trained and ready team.

  • Daily Focus: Prioritize appointment setting in your team’s daily tasks.
  • Make it Visible: Track appointment goals and progress for everyone to see.
  • Tie it to Metrics: To emphasize its importance, link appointment setting to CSI, turn rate, and close rate.
  • Nurture, Nurture, Nurture: Train your team to read between the lines of leads and engage with customers authentically regarding their needs, desires, must-haves, etc. 
  • Lead from the Top: The owner, GM, and sales managers need to set an example and prioritize appointment setting.

Sales Staff: The Heart of the Game

Your salespeople are the ones stepping up to the plate. Here’s how they can knock it out of the park:

  • Dynamic & Personable: Train them to build rapport on the phone and be genuinely helpful.
  • Knowledge is Power: Ensure they know your inventory, vehicle specs, and customer information inside and out.

Bottom Line: Appointments are the home run pitches you’ve been waiting for. Your dealership will hit them out of the park with the right training and focus.