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Staying Ahead: Going Viral, Scout EVs, and More Blue Checkmarks

The automotive industry is constantly evolving, and with it, the way we market cars. Let’s look at some of the latest trends in auto tech and marketing in the last few weeks and discuss how to use them to sell more cars.

Good To See You, Ole’ Scout – VW Revives the Scout

Nothing says “off-road adventure” like silent electric vehicles. Volkswagen is reviving the Scout nameplate for a new line of electric SUVs and pickup trucks. The Scout is based on Volkswagen’s MEB platform for its other electric vehicles. It will be interesting to see how the Scout brand gets integrated into the dealership infrastructure and whether it will help VW find a new audience in the United States.

But Will It Go Viral? – Brands Team Up with YouTubers for Stunts

To reach a wider audience and generate buzz for their products, many brands are teaming up with YouTube’s biggest creators to leverage viral, sometimes bizarre stunts. For example, Pizza Hut recently teamed up with Airrack to create the world’s largest pizza. The stunt went viral, generating millions of views on YouTube. Regardless of reach, the most valuable type of social media marketing is based on personality, honesty, and consistency.

Please Install the Latest Update – EV Automakers Take a Different Approach to Sales

Many EV automakers are taking a different approach to sales than traditional automakers. Tesla doesn’t allow haggling on its vehicles and instead focuses on upselling features and options. This is because EV sales are typically less complex than traditional vehicle sales; there are fewer opportunities for negotiation and reduced future service visit revenue. 

I’m blue abba dee abba die – Gmail Introduces Blue Checkmarks

Google has introduced blue checkmarks for Gmail, designed to help users identify messages from verified businesses and organizations. This is a way for Google to combat the rise of phishing and spam emails. Dealer CRM providers need to be on board, as It could increase inbox rates and increase engagement

McMarketing Genius – McDonald’s Releases Grimace Game Boy Game

McDonald’s pulls off an excellent time-travel marketing stunt by releasing a Grimace Game Boy Color game that only runs on ancient hardware. The game is a simple platformer that features the iconic McDonald’s character, Grimace. The game is only available as a free download from the McDonald’s website.

The Importance of People-Centric Marketing

In the end, all of these marketing trends are about people. Whether using viral stunts, blue checkmarks, or Game Boy games, your goal is to connect with people and build relationships. So don’t forget the “old days” of marketing, and focus on communicating with people in a genuine and engaging way.

But will it sell cars?

That’s the question every marketer needs to ask themselves when they’re considering a new marketing campaign. Sure, a viral stunt might get a lot of attention, but will it drive sales? And even if it does, is it the kind of attention you want your brand to be associated with?

That’s why it’s essential to focus on people-centric marketing. You’re more likely to build relationships and drive sales when communicating with people genuinely and engagingly. So forget about the buzzwords and the gimmicks, and talk with people – digitally or in person!