Auto Retail Digital Marketing

Uncovering Hidden Sales Opportunities with User Activity Data

We are always looking for new ways to identify and nurture our highest-potential sales prospects. While lead form submissions and click-to-call activity provide some visibility, a wealth of untapped opportunities may be hiding in plain sight within user activity data on your website.

Research from FourEyes revealed that sold customers view an average of 10.3 vehicle detail pages (VDPs) before purchase, while qualified leads average 7.7 VDP views. By analyzing site user activity to identify your hottest “buyer intent” and “lead intent” audiences, we can pinpoint segments mirroring these engagement patterns.

Discovering Your Highest-Value Visitors

Using Google Analytics, we created two valuable segments based on the FourEyes benchmarks:

  • Buyer Intent (New VDP Rate 10+)
    • Pageviews > 9
    • Page filter contains relevant VDP page path (e.g. “/new-vehicle/”)
    • Remove existing ASC conversions (Click to Call, Form Submission, Chat Submission)
  • Lead Intent (New VDP Rate 7+)
    • Pageviews > 6
    • Page filter contains relevant VDP page path (e.g. “/new-vehicle/”)
    • Remove existing ASC conversions (Click to Call, Form Submission, Chat Submission)

These “look-a-like” segments highlight users exhibiting engagement patterns similar to your most motivated in-market audience, however, they have not contacted the dealership. 

Over a 3-month period, one dealer group’s Buyer Intent audience accounted for just 2.2% of all users but a whopping 26.3% of all new VDP views. The Lead Intent group represented 40.5% of VDP consumption.

Connecting Digital Behavior to Showroom Results

None of these engagement metrics matter if we can’t relate them to real-world results. By correlating these user segments to various sales funnel stages, we uncovered some impressive findings.

The Lead Intent (7+ VDP views) segment showed a very high 0.97 correlation to showroom lead volume and a 0.91 correlation to showroom sales over a 6-month period.

In fact, the Lead Intent audience outperformed all other engagement metrics, including user volume, total VDP views, engagement rates, and new user rates, in terms of correlation to showroom visits and sales.

For the Buyer Intent (10+ VDP views) group, the correlation to showroom activity was still high at 0.71 for leads and 0.79 for sales.

Connecting Digital Behavior Data to Results

By tapping into these valuable user segments, you can shift from basic lead funnel metrics to a more comprehensive demand generation strategy:

  • Develop hyper-targeted nurture campaigns for high-intent users
  • Dynamically adjust media mix based on buyer intent signals
  • Allocate more investment towards your highest-performing channels
  • Prioritize user experiences proven to drive showroom traffic and sales

Your website data contains a wealth of insight into the quality of your traffic sources and user journeys. You can unlock new sales opportunities and maximize marketing efforts by highlighting your most valuable, ready-to-buy prospects through in-depth activity analysis.

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