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Staying Ahead: TikTok bans, Twitter shifts, AI drive-thrus, Google’s search, and second screen ads.

Let’s discuss the potential ban on TikTok in Montana, the shifting landscape of customer service on Twitter, Wendy’s innovative use of AI in their drive-thru service, Google’s plan to enhance search results with AI, and the implications of Telly TV’s second screen advertising. Additionally, we’ll remind you about the upcoming GA4-Day event and the importance of being prepared. Let’s dive in!

Stop The Tok – Implications for Automotive Advertisers:

Recently, there have been talks of a potential ban on TikTok in Montana starting January 2024. While the likelihood of this ban becoming a reality is slim, it’s important for us to stay informed about the developments as they can impact advertising opportunities on the platform. TikTok has proven to be a successful channel for engaging with potential customers, and it continues to adapt effectively. Nonetheless, vertical video is here to stay… TikTok, Instagram, YouTube Shorts – Omni has you covered. 

1800NOTWEET – Shifting Customer Service Landscape on Twitter:

Twitter has long been hailed as a platform for quick and effective customer service resolution. However, due to concerns about toxicity, many nationwide companies are reconsidering their presence on this social media platform. Although Twitter has never been a primary medium for T3 automotive, it’s essential to consider the changing dynamics and consumer preferences. Do consumers really care about the ownership and views of the technology they interact with? Dealers and agencies must adapt our approach to align with customer expectations and explore alternative avenues for effective customer engagement.

Bard, I’ll Take Bigge Bag – AI in Drive-Thru and Sales:

Wendy’s has recently partnered with Google’s AI service (Bard). Through this collaboration, they aim to enhance efficiency and upsell customers at the drive-thru lane using AI-powered voice technology. At Omni Advertising, we see potential in implementing AI technology like this to improve our inbound dealer calls and even educate customers on the lot. Imagine customers scanning a QR code and interacting with an AI salesperson to answer their queries and provide information. It’s an exciting prospect worth exploring further.

“People” Also Ask – Google’s AI-Powered Search:

Google is gearing up to integrate AI technology into its search results to defend its market share from competitors like Microsoft’s Bing, powered by ChatGPT. While the use of AI and advanced searches in the auto retail industry is still relatively low, we must not overlook the importance of optimizing our strategies. We must strike a balance between leveraging AI advancements and understanding that not every aspect of our customer’s journey needs to be solved by AI. Focusing on relevant search terms and delivering a personalized experience remain key.

Free TVs For All – The Rise of Second Screen Advertising:

With the introduction of Telly TV, an advertising platform that bombards viewers with ads on a dedicated second screen, the advertising industry is pushing for more impressions and engagement. However, as automotive advertisers, we need to consider the value of such placements carefully. While it may be enticing to sell impressions, we must prioritize placements that align with our core objective of selling cars. It’s important to evaluate the relevance and effectiveness of such platforms in reaching our target audience.

GA4-Day Reminder:

Lastly, we want to remind you about the upcoming GA4-Day event, which is only 30 days away. As a forward-thinking agency, being prepared for advancements in analytics and digital marketing is crucial. The switch to GA4 provides an opportunity to leverage its capabilities to drive better results for our clients. Let’s make sure we’re ready to embrace the latest tools and strategies in data analytics.

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