We’re bringing industry-leading social media strategies to your dealership. Our customized approach and daily optimizations are the key to driving successful campaigns. You’ll have transparent access to all data and comprehensive reporting to measure ROI.


Social Media Advertising

Every paid ad and boosted post is customized for your dealership across multiple channels. Our beautifully designed creative catches the eye of shoppers when scrolling, and our data-driven strategies will drive conversions.

In-Stream Video

Non-skippable video across social media channels is another tactic to drive awareness for a low cost. Our in-stream video strategies see strong Video Completion Rates (VCR) which means your message is being seen by customers.

Dynamic Inventory Ads

Simply said, the car always wins. Showcasing your inventory is the most important part of sparking emotion in the buyer. Multiple dynamic inventory strategies are used to make the most out of your live photos and real-time pricing. We also target specific audiences with different segments of in-stock vehicles.

Facebook Marketplace

Upload your inventory to Facebook Marketplace and make use of Click To Marketplace (C2MP) lead ads. These generate strong inventory-based leads that lead to chats or leads to your CRM.

Organic Boosted Posts

Our team fully manages all of your social profiles and customizes weekly posts on your behalf. This can satisfy your OEM requirements and help with customer retention via engaging with comments and direct messages. We’ll handle the creative stuff while your sales team focuses on selling cars.




Lead Generation

CRM Integration
  • Spend = $425
  • Leads = 155
  • Cost Per Lead = $2.74

Used Cars

Dynamic Inventory Feed
  • Spend = $850
  • Marketplace VDP Views = 7027
  • Cost per VDP View = $0.12
  • Leads = 93

In-Stream Video

Social Video Network
  • Impressions = 147,225
  • Thruplays = 123,826
  • VCR = 84%
  • CPCV = $0.02

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