Auto Retail Connected TV Digital Marketing

Understanding the Customer Journey: Optimizing Your CTV Marketing Strategy

As consumers’ viewing habits shift towards connected TV (CTV), dealers must adapt their strategies to reach and engage their target audiences effectively. CTV’s rapid growth presents a significant opportunity, with 88% of US Households owning at least one connected TV device and over half of adults watching connected TV daily (Leichtman, 2023).

At Omni Advertising, we understand the importance of aligning our dealer’s marketing efforts with the customer journey. Our CTV targeting strategies are designed to deliver the right message at the right time to the right audience. 

The Customer Journey and Consideration Windows

Every product or service has a distinct journey the customer goes through before purchasing. This journey includes different stages, with varying lengths of time spent considering and researching before finally deciding to buy. This period is referred to as the consideration window, and it’s important to provide tailored messaging and an appropriate level of marketing during this time to influence the buyer’s decision.

The most powerful marketing opportunities arise before consumers enter their consideration window; this is the optimal time to influence their forthcoming purchase behavior.

Understanding Consideration Windows and Purchase Cycles

To better understand the interaction between these two concepts, let’s take a look at some examples:

  • Cup of Coffee:
    • Purchase Cycle: Approximately 24 hours (when each consumer re-enters the market)
    • Consideration Window: About 10 minutes (the time spent considering where or what to purchase)
  • New Television:
    • Purchase Cycle: About 2 years
    • Consideration Window: 7-14 days
  • New House:
    • Purchase Cycle: 7-10 years
    • Consideration Window: 3-6 months
  • New Car:
    • Purchase Cycle: 3-5 years
    • Consideration Window: About 90 days

Targeting Pre-Market and In-Market Audiences

We leverage advanced data and predictive modeling to identify and target pre-market and in-market audiences for dealer campaigns:

  • Pre-market audiences are predictably 30-90 days from purchasing a vehicle. These consumers exhibit behaviors or traits tested and confirmed to be highly predictive of an impending vehicle purchase, such as starting a new job, moving homes, paying off a vehicle, or approaching a lease expiration. 
  • In-market audiences, however, are predictably 7-30 days from purchasing a vehicle. These consumers exhibit behaviors or traits tested and confirmed to be highly predictive of a vehicle purchase, such as actively seeking vehicle information, applying for financing, or exploring trade-in options.

We can build highly effective and efficient CTV campaigns by utilizing purchase cycle data with the best pre-market and in-market audiences. These campaigns help raise awareness for our dealers and their inventory. Increased prominence during the consideration window, when complimented with a full-channel digital marketing campaign, causes a measurable sales lift. 

As CTV continues to gain momentum, Omni remains committed to staying at the forefront of innovative marketing strategies, delivering exceptional results for our clients. By understanding the customer journey and leveraging the power of CTV, we can ensure your dealership reaches the right audiences at the right time, driving conversions and maximizing your marketing investments.

Leichtman, B. (2023, June 2). 49% of Adults Watch Video via a Connected TV Device Daily. Leichtman Research Group.